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How does Optimal Massage Therapy work?

  • Providing a Clinical Massage service format and business model, which has a current and proven track record of success in three UK financial firms, by offering the same standard and quality of treatment/service to other companies/clients across different locations and facilities.

  • Massage therapists are recruited on a freelance basis, trained and managed to deliver a consistent standard and level of service/treatment across the company in line with our values and philosophy, irrespective of where the service is provided.

  • The operation management, includes addressing all related logistical matters in order to add a valuable and beneficial service to partners and employees without adding any extra work load to the Firm, other than ensuring a suitable room was available on the relevant day of the week in the required office/location.

  • Portable massage couch (when required), towels, organic massage balm/oil & essential oil and relaxing music facility (consistent across the service) are provided by each Team member on the day.

  • Rooms are set up at the beginning of the day and reinstated at the end of the session by each therapist.

  • Enquiries and booking are dealt with by the operation management and/or via relevant booking facility, but also by each Team Member on the day of their respective clinic for last minute requests/enquiries.

  • Prices may vary depending on location to ensure competitive and attractive value to other regional offerings/services.

  • Payment is collected after treatment by the therapist (cash or cheque), debit/credit card depending on location.

  • Gift massage voucher and special offers are available across the service and Firm/offices.

  • Each therapist (Team member) has valid Professional Liability insurance, relevant qualifications, references and are eligible to work in the UK.


Operations & Requirements


Identifying the size (employees and partner numbers) of each office, their facility; i.e. a Health Suite or a room available to use for massage treatments (with adequate space, blinds on windows for privacy, light dimmer switch and preferably quiet).


Having a contact/liaison person in each relevant office allowing communication and smooth running of the operation.


Advertising and promoting the service in each concerned office in the form of flyers and/or A4 posters displayed around the office at suitable locations (i.e. fruit boxes, coffee machine area, canteen, or where appropriate) and on the intranet/internet and plasma TV screens.


Regularly updating and refreshing advertising tools (poster, intranet, etc).


Possibility of running promotion days/awareness when and where most suited and appropriate to grow and develop the service/business.


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