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"After a sport injury I came to see Jacques in some discomfort. I found Jacques to be professional and extremely capable. After just one session I started to feel better. I have since booked several follow up sessions more as a result of promoting wellbeing but also because Jacques is phenomenal at what he does. The whole experience from initially booking treatment to the subsequent appointment was seamless. As a result of the fantastic service received I have recommended Jacques services to colleagues who have also been extremely impressed. (ONE HALF HOUR SESSION CAN REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE). I think it would be good to provide Jacques services on mass. There are so many complaints regarding our chairs and related back problems, Jacques could really add value and make a material difference to staff wellbeing at work. Let’s not be reactive let’s be pro-active. Prevention is always better than the cure."


"It was an excellent massage! I arranged a massage with Jacques following London Revolution and 190 miles in the saddle. My ITB was tight, my shoulders ached, and my muscles were really tired! I have had lots of massages in the past: including sports specific ones, but this was the best by far. He really stretched me out, working on all the relevant muscles for cycling and really focussing on the little niggles I had (like my hip flexor and ITB band). I felt totally stretched out and relaxed afterwards, and my muscles felt amazing the day after. I will definitely go back, and would recommend it to anyone, whether with a specific sports event in mind or just generally."


"I have visited Jacques on a number of occasions in the last six months or so and always found his services to be excellent and rejuvenating. He is clearly knowledgeable about his ‘trade’ and also provides insights as to how to improve your physical wellbeing."


"Jacques has provided me with excellent support to my physical wellbeing. I have used his massage services to both recover from injury, and as part of my sports injury prevention regime. In addition, the therapy has had many other benefits including my effectiveness at work. I have recommended him to numerous colleagues within the Firm. As a former full-time athlete I am quite particular about the medical support I procure – Jacques is one of the best I have come across in his field."

Competency Partner

"Like many partners, I attended the 'Sharpening your Edge and Achieving Peak Performance' programmes in 2012, after which I followed up on a suggestion to have some Massage Therapy sessions with Jacques. I had my first session in January 2013 and once I’d overcome the initial phase of trying something new, I now actively look forward to the sessions and have been a regular ever since. While I have never perceived myself as someone who gets stressed, I have found the sessions enormously helpful in terms of reducing tension (which I hadn’t realised was there), forcing me to relax and take stock for an hour, and generally energising me. It’s on campus and only an hour out of my schedule – with a full workload and a young family, it fits in perfectly and I always have a spring in my step afterwards. Jacques is very professional, clearly very knowledgeable and I would not hesitate to encourage others to try a session with him."

Tax Partner

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