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According to information provided by the HR resource of one of the Big Four auditing and professional services firms, where Optimal Massage Therapy has practiced since 2012, the two main reasons for absenteeism and sick leave are:

Musculoskeletal Problems and Stress Related Illnesses

Certain of these conditions may be explained by the work environment and nature of the job; desk bound, long working hours, working at various sites where desks are not necessarily set to individual requirements – conditions that cannot always be avoided (i.e. they come with the job).


For some individuals these conditions can create occupational postural related problems, which can vary from mild to severe.


This brings us to the researched and proven benefit of Clinical Massage Therapy.


A good clinical, deep tissue and sports massage treatment will not only enhance recovery from the hectic everyday lifestyle, of work and personal activities, but will subsequently enhance


  • Relaxation

  • Flexibility and posture

  • Mind body awareness

  • Overall concentration and performance

  • And will ultimately enhance productivity


It also helps reduce


  • Stress

  • Tension

  • Inflammation

  • Muscle soreness and stiffness

  • And speed recovery from injury and surgery


The Optimal Massage Therapy team members are each carefully selected for their Qualifications and experience but also for their ability to provide a top quality treatment, with skill, intuition, creativity, expertise, care and professionalism.


We also expect team members to develop a professional relationship with each employee and partner i.e. their patient: 


  • Firstly to facilitate communication, allowing them to identify the root/cause of the condition/problem, in order to maximise the effectiveness of the treatment, ensuring the best result and targeted after care guidance.

  • Secondly, to encourage a repeat usage of the service and adequate follow-up.


We also strongly believe that attention to detail is essential, as is a consistent, high standard of care and service and the creation of a welcoming environment and ambiance, thereby inducing a relaxing, comforting feeling that is ideal and optimal to begin a massage treatment.


Providing the right environment will create the perfect opportunity for our patients to relax and ‘switch off’ for the duration of the treatment, allowing them to gain the optimal result and lasting benefit, and leave after their treatment feeling refreshed and recharged.


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